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About the Hosts
Dr. Jeremy Roberts and Sameer Khan

#AnalyticsToday Show is hosted by Dr. Jeremy Roberts and Sameer Khan, who are experts in the fields of Big Data,  Analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, Business Development, Marketing Operations, MarTech, AdTech, FinTech, Customer Service, Product Marketing, Demand Generation, and Entrepreneurship.


Dr. Jeremy Roberts holds a DrBA with studies in Digital Transformation, and an MBA in Marketing, and has worked with some of the largest tech companies in the world. Jeremy has spent 25 years in marketing, business development, and technology, as a global entrepreneur, and college professor of marketing.


Sameer Khan holds an MBA in Marketing with a background in engineering and is also a master data analyst, digital marketer, and digital transformation executive who has worked in various industries at some of the largest tech and energy companies. Sameer also has 25 years of marketing, business development, and technology background, while also sharing experience as a global entrepreneur.

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Sameer Khan

Dr. Jeremy Roberts

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