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AnalyticsToday Podcast: 4 Powerful Analytics Questions Your Need to Ask As A Marketing Leader

AnalyicsToday Podcast

If you follow the “internet of things” and an active part of ever connected world then you know podcasts have become a key medium of sharing information. I like to write and do public speaking to convey my thoughts but never really dove into podcasting until now. I think there is lots I can share beyond the blog and podcasts are the perfect medium. So, I decided to partner with my close friend and colleague Jeremy Roberts whom I have a lots of respect for and who is equally expert in digital marketing.

This is our first podcast and in just 30 minutes we never imagined we could deliver so much information which is hard to provide in a blog post. Our first task in hand was to set the pace for the podcast series, so we decided to call it #Analyticstoday (use the hashtag). Even though the focus is on the analytics, (my favorite topic) our target audience is the marketing department. I believe there is lots of good basic information out there to help marketers become better at what they do but no one really talks about how things work in the enterprise. There are lots of tactics and tactical podcasts (which are pretty good) but no on talks about strategy, planning and management. With the #analyticstoday podcast series we wanted to take a different approach and provide information directly from the industry and our 30+ years of combined experience in marketing, analytics and digital media.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • What is marketing analytics and what it means for professionals, enterprise and business owners

  • What the the most important marketing analytics tools and where should one start

  • How marketing analytics can influence and drive decisions for finance, operations, manufacturing, sales, product, HR and marketing

  • 4 types of marketing analytics technologies you should invest in

Listen to 4 Powerful Analytics Questions Your Need to Ask As A Marketing Leader:

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