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AnalyticsToday Podcast: Understand, Prepare, and Overcome the Ad Blocking Movement

AnalyticsToday Podcast

Ad blocking is a pretty sensitive topic and right now it looks like everyone is talking about it. The problem is almost all the press about ad blocking is negative and people are focused on the revenue and business loss. While blocking ads certainly have implications it is certainly not the end of the world. I think we are overlooking many smart strategies on how to address this issue. In this podcast Jeremy and I will focus on several key aspects of what we call as the “Ad Blocking Movement”. We will address and answer what is this movement and what are the types of ad blocking technologies available in market. Then we will dive into the actual business impact so you can make an educated decision. Finally, we want to leave you with a 3 step action plan so you can successfully prepare and overcome the challenges presented by ad blocking technology.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • What is the ad blocking movement…is it new

  • How does ad blocking technology works and how are you impacted

  • What is the impact of adblocking technology for advertisers, analytics professionals and marketers

  • 3 Step plan to overcome the challenges presented by the ad blocking movement and regain lost revenue

Listen to Mobile Ad Blocking: Understand, Prepare, and Overcome the Ad Blocking Movement

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