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5 Actionable Lessons from the 2016 Big Data Survey

AnalyticsToday Podcast

NewVantage partners is a Big Data consulting firm that runs an annual survey called “Big Data Executive Survey” in which it targets senior Fortune 1000 business and technology decision makers.

In 2016, 73% of the responded were from financial services, 18% from life sciences and rest from different industries. They survey respondents were as follows:

Executive Participation C-Executives 35.9% Head of Big Data 28.6% Head of Analytics 12.5% Senior Technologist 16.1%. Most of the respondants are from large brand names such as BOA, AIG, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, CVS and Harvard Medical school to name a few.

The purpose of this survey is three fold:

1. To understand the role of big data and analytics in the organization

2. Get insights on how big data is being applied across various business units

3. How analytics is changing the industry and the organizations

We have distilled the survey into 5 actionable insights for our listeners so you can apply these insights directly to your business.

Listen to the 5 Actionable Lessons from the 2016 Big Data Survey

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