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AnalyticsToday Mission, Vision and Next Steps

AnalyticsToday Podcast

We have officially completed a dozen shows and thank you to our listeners for staying connected. In this show, we want to talk about why we started the AnalyticsToday show, what is our mission, vision and what are the next steps. There is also a surprise announcement at the end about our brand new podcast show…so keep listening. Please leave feedback!

A Quick Preview of the #AnalyticsToday mission, vision and next steps podcast (show notes):

  • Why did we started the #AnalyticsToday podcast

  • What is the mission of our podcast

  • What are some of our goals and how does this benefit our listeners

  • Sameer and Jeremy discuss what we don’t want our podcast to be and how we differentiate

  • What will be the core focus of #AnalyticsToday podcast

  • Learn about our brand new #DigitalTenet Digital Business Podcast

Listen to the #AnalyticsToday mission, vision and next steps


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