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Lifestyle Analytics: How Data & Analytics Revolution are Changing our Lives

AnalyticsToday Podcast

Before I list the details of our latest podcast I want to update on few things. Starting this post, I am going to provide more detailed show notes so my readers can get a good grasp of the topic. I also have better resources list and a new podcast player to make podcast listening easy. Lastly, the show notes are auto connected to the player so you can jump to the section that interests you most at any moment.

Today’s show is on how data and analytics have influenced our lives in many ways. I remember, my first personal electronic device was Texas Instrument TI-34 calculator and today kids interact with any type of screen as it it were a tablet. The technology revolution we experience today is fueled by data revolution. In this podcast, we will explore various personal data driven technologies and devices that have improved our lifestyle, simplified transportation, delivered non stop entertainment and many more. We will also discuss how in the near future data and analytics have promise to increase our life span and change the way we live our lives.

A Quick Preview of the Lifestyle Analytics podcast (show notes):

  • Sameer’s story about his first personal electronic device [03:05]

  • Jeremy’s story about his first personal electronic device [05:43]

  • What is causing exponential growth in technology [07:16]

  • How data is breaking the technology proliferation curve (Jeremy’s breaking point graphic) [08:51]

  • Why did Google stopped publishing real time flu tracker data [12:17]

  • Where can you find real time flu trends [13:02]

  • How Moore’s law is no longer holding true [23:15]

  • How Krispy Kreme can sell more donuts to cars passing by using data [26:40]

  • Increasing usage of Beacon technology in the retail space [24:32]

  • Why Netflix’s recommendation engine is significantly better than other media providers [34:18]

  • How to get Iron Man’s Jarvis like technology for really cheap [36:49]

  • Convert your regular smoke detectors to WiFi enabled [39:45]

Listen to the Lifestyle Analytics: How Data & Analytics Revolution are Changing our Lives

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