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5 Marketing Technology Hacks for Digital Marketing Success

AnalyticsToday Podcast

There is a big shift happening today in the market world. Marketing used to be practice where people build relationships with other people (customers, partners, vendors). Today, marketing is no longer about the relationships between people…it’s about relationship between people and technology. Successful organizations understand this very well and they rely heavily on the marketing technology stack to deliver results. I know you must be asking what constitutes the marketing technology stack or even better how to structure the marketing technology stack for growth and efficiency. Jeremy and I have been connected to marketing technology world as a customer and vendor for more than a decade each. We thought it would be great to discuss how technology has shaped marketing and what does the future holds for marketers and technologist. Join us and learn how your company can use technology to become a world class marketing organization.

A Quick Preview of the Marketing Technology Hacks podcast:

  • State of marketing technology.

  • What are the key components of the marketing technology stack.

  • Why is marketing technology stack so important.

  • Top 5 marketing technology hacks.

Listen to the 5 Marketing Technology Hacks for Digital MarketingSuccess

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