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7 Digital Marketing and Analytics Predictions for 2016

AnalyticsToday Podcast

2015 has been a great year for analytics and marketing professionals. We saw many new developments including launch of Periscope, blurring lines between content marketing and digital campaigns and increased used of data science for marketing. In this podcast, we will discuss 7 new digital marketing and analytics trends for 2016. You will hear seven predictions that can change the way you run your analytics and marketing organizations.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast and 7 digital marketing and analytics predictions for 2016:

  • Customer journey analysis will become mainstream part of business analytics.

  • Periscope and other live streaming avenues will become key marketing channels.

  • Big data and data science initiatives will not be limited to large organizations.

  • Mobile advertisement spending in actual dollar value will exceed desktop ad spending.

  • Digital marketing will overshadow other marketing channels.

  • New advertising venues will emerge to replace traditional desktop advertising.

  • Content marketing will become even harder.

Listen to the How to Build a Successful Digital Marketing and Analytics Career Podcast

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